Only Mine believes that every slice of your life is beautifully unique and we take pride in realizing your special moments vividly in YOUR style. Specializing in bespoke luxury event planning in Hong Kong and Asia, where we make use of our expertise to conduct a wide range of joyous occasions including weddings, anniversaries, 100th day celebrations, we wish to create memories for a lifetime together with you.

By hearing your stories and getting to know more about you, we aim at personalizing your moments and express who you are in every detail. Our service follows with the most refined designs of your individual preference. With our scrupulous planning service, we are committed to getting you ready to shine while putting you at ease to the minutest details in every step of your precious moment: Your truly one of a kind, ONLY MINE moment.

And if you ask us what the most rewarding part this experience has been, we would say it is always the time when an occasion comes to the end, we could congratulate our clients not as event planners, but friends.

Annie amasses 8 years of luxurious wedding and event planning expertise with a wealthy portfolio of elegantly themed weddings, affectionate anniversaries, bohemian-chic celebrations and customary conventions in Hong Kong, Asia and rest of the globe. She has a meticulous eye for every detail and excels in all the savoir-faire of every memorable moment to perfection.

Elle garners 8 years of advertising agency wisdom and sumptuous wedding planning expertise dedicated to the city’s most affluent clientele. Her philosophy is exquisite: every celebration and wedding is a tale and herself as a storyteller. More than her vigor in crafting the details as a story unfolds, Elle devotes herself as a counsellor and a heart-warming companion for the protagonists.